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10/02/03 - Race and Religion
...What I've got a problem with is how Limbaugh who, in my opinion is a blustery wind-bag has gotten the stuffing kicked out of him simply by asking the question. It seems that if you publicly bring race or creed into a conversation, you're automatically labeled a racist or a Jew/Muslim/Catholic/Protestant/Hindu hater...

03/19/03 - Dear Mr. President
...You're about to make a monumental blunder. This mistake will reverberate for ages. It is going to drive a wedge between us and a good part of the civilized world. You're about to act like the bully on the block, instead of the righteous Knight In Shining Armor...

11/08/01 - Rights of Passage
...and I'm thinking, "I'm gonna kick her ass! Whose house does she think she's messin' with"? I start trotting through the kitchen towards the front door, and she see's me coming. BAM! She bolts for the street. I'm now in full Rambo-mode. Lock-and-load, baby!

10/04/2001 - Random Rants - 3 Weeks After
We're dragging our feet, breaking out the hand-outs and gleefully asking to submit to Nazi-styled tactics. Oh yeah, and the Pentagon was a legitimate target...

9/15/2001 - The Terrorist Bombing
My feelings and what I think we need to do about this to ensure it never happens again.


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