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October 4, 2001

Hitting the Targets

Let's get on with it! It's been 3 weeks since the attacks, and we're still "considering our options". We know where their camps are located. Let's hit them NOW! We cannot wait for the approval of all of our allies and "coalition" partners. WE were the ones that were attacked, so WE are the ones that will determine against whom, against what and how to retaliate. This is not something for which we ask permission.

No Ground Troops

Don't send in massive numbers of soldiers on the ground in the terrorist territories. What benefit will we get by doing a massive invasion of Afghanistan, Syria, Iran or Iraq? None! Aside from sending in small teams of scouts or hit teams for specific leadership targets, troops on the ground cannot be justified.

Granted, this approach MAY take more time (this is debatable in my opinion), but it will significantly reduce the number of American casualties.

Pentagon Attack Legitimate

I will probably take a pile of flack for this, but I believe the attack on the Pentagon was a legitimate target. It's a military installation. In fact, it's the epitome of US military targets. These terrorists have declared war on us, and we have to expect our military installations to come under attack. We need to grow up and recognize we're not bullet-proof.

It WAS cowardly to attack the WTC. This was clearly a civilian structure. It was a chicken shit move. It was against Islamic teachings. It was shameful and cowardly.

Just because the Pentagon was a legitimate target doesn't mean I don't believe we shouldn't retaliate. Far from it. Dive bombing of the Pentagon will be the military reasoning behind launching a counter attack. The brutality of our response will be a direct result of the cowardice of the WTC attack. And brutal it must be.


I am sick and tired of the "Give Peace A Chance" crowd. Don't you get it? These Muslim Extremists don't want peace. They don't want discussion. Their sole mission in life is to wage a holy war against the "infidel Westerners" and anyone that disagrees with their beliefs.

Here are some of bin Laden's thoughts:
"Asked about his 1998 fatwa, or edict, urging Muslims to target not only the U.S. military, but also American civilians, bin Laden said only American men were the target. ``Every American man is an enemy whether he is among the fighters who fight us directly or among those who pay taxes,'' bin Laden said."
""Bin Laden denied he was behind the 1998 embassy bombings, but acknowledged he ``has incited (Muslims) to wage jihad.''"
"Our goal is to liberate the land of Islam from the infidels and establish the law of Allah."

For starters, he and his group insist that all non-Muslims be removed from Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. The non-Muslims that are there don't want to leave. What does he do? Does he negotiate? Does he hold discussions? Does he offer compromise? Check out the southern tip of Manhattan for your answer, then decide if this is someone that wants to discuss peace.

And this is just their bitch-of-the-day. If this were fixed, they'd find something else to terrorize about. You can't negotiate with extremists. Period.

Last night (10/3/01), West Wing had a show that touched on this subject. They had a great analogy. In trying to get a group of high school students to understand or recognize what these nuts are all about, it offered the following comparison. Fill in the blank:

Islamic Fundamentalists are to Islam
as the
[blank] is to Christianity.

The answer was the KKK. Is this someone that can be negotiated with? I think not.

Show Me The Money

Any great society exists on its cashflow. As crass or tunnel-visioned as it might sound, a country runs on cash. When money is spent, businesses grow. When businesses grow, they hire more employees. Those employees pump their salaries into the economy, and other companies grow. This is Econ 101. It's a wonderful cycle called Capitalism.

There has been recent talk of President Bush putting forth a $60-$75 billion program to re-invigorate our economy. At best, this will provide a temporary boost to the economy. At worst, it is a pissing away of our tax dollars. It's a sickening cycle called Socialism or Communism. It's nothing more than a welfare check with a lot of zeros at the end.

Let's fix this problem ourselves.

Most of you already got a check from Uncle Sam for $300-$600. Spend it. If you have $100 you were going to put into savings, spend $50 and save $50. Go out to dinner. Leave a hefty tip. Buy a car, even a used car. Purchase that couch you've been thinking of getting. The World Series and Super Bowl are coming upů. get that big-screen TV you've been dreaming about. Take that trip to Disney Land on a jet, rent a car, book a hotel room, and show your kids what a big spender you are.

If you own or run a company, hold off as long as you can on making lay-offs. Don't put your company at risk of failure, but try thinking of the big picture. Feel some pain. It's OK to bleed a bit.

National ID Cards

There's been a good deal of discussion on instituting a National ID card as a way of combating terrorism. Could there be a worse solution? How in the hell will this fight terrorism? Not one proponent of this idea has provided a valid reply to this question.

Let's see, we issue AMERICANS an ID cards that says they're AMERICANS. We issue non-Americans cards which say they're non-Americans. The terrorist forges the AMERICAN ID card (just as they currently forge driver's licenses, state ID cards, Social Security Cards, etc.).

This has helped fight terrorism, how?

These same idiots then say it would be OK to be stopped, at random, by federal, state or local officials to "Check your papers". I say, "Listen up, assholes, this is AMERICA. We don't stop people unless they are suspected of committing a crime. We've got this problem with Unreasonable Search and Seizure". If you want to be strip searched at the drop of a hat, move to China or Afghanistan, or start the Fourth Reich. They'll be happy to oblige you.

When someone brings up this subject, ask them to detail how this will stop terrorism. They can't, because it won't.


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