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Cowardly Acts

September 15, 2001

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, at approximately 9am EST, the United States of America was attacked. Attacked by a cowardly enemy. An enemy that chose to hide behind the guise of a "holy war".

When all is said and done, thousands of Americans, possibly TENS of thousand of Americans will be dead. The cost of clean-up, repairs, rebuilding and market losses will be in the tens of billions of dollars. Staggering.

The Lasting Images

There are so many images that are permanently seared into my memory.

The way it appeared as though the jets slid so easily into the towers… like a hot knife through butter. It was a cheap Hollywood movie. It can't be real.

The imploding of the towers. Expecting them to topple over at the points of entry by the jets, only to be stunned, again, by the fact that the weight of the upper floors caused the failure of the lower floors and the "pancake" effect to take place.

The "boiling" clouds of debris churning through the city canyons, chasing the fleeing, panicked citizens trying to escape with their lives.

The bodies of the people who jumped to their deaths instead of burning in the raging fires.

The cheering Arabs celebrating the death and destruction.

What To Do?

  • Obviously, hit them, and hit them hard. The response must be grotesquely disproportionate to the original act. It must sustained. If they have built their infrastructure near civilian centers, the civilians will be killed along with the terrorists. The message must be loud and clear: "Don't Tread on Me".
  • We must be proactive. There are camps all over the Middle East that openly espouse the destruction of the United States. Take them out now. Don't wait until we have traced another act back to one of their camps. We have the military intelligence right now on these camps. Use this knowledge and launch pre-emptive strikes against them.
  • We must hit their protectors and benefactors even harder. If these bastards don't have a place to live and train, don't have the funds to support their operations, they cannot be effective. We must make it so painful for a country to harbor terrorists, that they will not even consider it. Economic sanctions don't even come into the equation until they have been physically crushed.
  • Change the rules of engagement. Just as the colonists changed their tactics of war against the British by using their environment for defensive purposes, we must alter our tactics in dealing with terrorists. If not, we will become the Red Coats, marching blindly into battle, taking unnecessary losses, and losing the war. We need to send in small, elite teams to take out their commanders, ON THEIR SOIL, destroy their support infrastructure, and cut-off their financial assistance. Then send in the massive troops and equipment to finish the job. This is war, not two-hand touch below the waist football.
  • Expect and appreciate some inconvenience when using mass transit. We need to get real. These bastards don't have standing armies with huge stores of munitions. They use the tools and techniques that are available to them. Like the 40,000 pounds of fuel on each jumbo jet. If it means that my carry-on baggage is opened EVERY SINGLE TIME I cross a check point in the airport, so be it. Or I can make the choice of having all of my luggage checked in. I have the comfort of knowing the same has happened to everyone else on the jet.
  • Turn airport security over to the Feds. The underpaid, under-trained dolts that currently run the X-ray machines are a joke. Every major US airport is breached on a regular basis. Hire professionals that take the job seriously. Have an armed, plain-clothed sky marshal in each and every commercial jet that ever crosses into or out of our borders.
  • Tighten our borders. It cannot continue to be so easy to enter the US. This is not racism. This must apply to each and every person wishing to enter the US, regardless of their country of origin. Permanent applicants must have sponsors which bear responsibility for the actions of the applicants for some period of time (3 years?). Similar to the responsibility a parent has to a child. Visitors/vacationers must be sponsored by their home country. A means of authenticating the country of sponsorship (digital certificates, biometrics, etc.) must be employed. If the security of the sponsoring country is breached whereby the method of authentication is unreliable, their citizens enroute to the US and in-country must be expelled. This authentication method must be treated with the same security as the plates that are used to print a country's currency.

What We Must Not Do

  • Don't become a zealot and attack people on American soil that appear to be Arabic. It makes you no better than the bastards that did this to us.
  • National ID cards. I will never succumb to this. As an American, I have the constitutional right to move about in this country without fear of unreasonable search. That's exactly what would be happening if a cop has the ability to stop me at his/her own discretion and have me prove who I am. There MUST be probable cause. The color of my skin and the accent in my voice also does not constitute probable cause.
  • Purposely target civilian targets. As painful as it was to see the cheering crowds after the attack, we must not purposely target civilians. If they are in or around legitimate targets, they too become potential targets. But we must not have another Mai Lai.
  • Never get complacent.
  • Never forget.


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