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Blast From The Past (circa 1963)

Well isn't this special?! The wonders of modern technology allow us to scan ancient pictures and post them for all the world to see.

What a kick in the pants.... This first picture is of our whole family. Jim and Lurene (they're the adults!) and from left to right, Jeffrey Carl (2 yrs), James (Mike) Michael (5 yrs) and Thomas Ellis (3-4 yrs).

We're in my maternal grandparent's old home in Oakland. Grandpa Weisker was a carpenter (he owned Weisker Construction Co.) and he built the home in 1959. It was lost in the Oakland Hills Firestorm in 1991. Grandpa died shortly after that.

Grandpa had given mom (Lurene) the bookcase that's on the wall. She over-loaded it with about 1,700 pounds of cookbooks, and it came crashing to the floor. I've still got it in my shed, waiting to be repaired. I'll get to it someday...

Will ya look at the spit-shine on these kids? Aren't they just precious? Jeff with his sporty knee-socks/patent leather shoe combo (he still wears these...), Mike with the Dumbo ears, risking flight if the slightest breeze comes up, and Tom with the "I really, REALLY need to squeeze one off" look (notice the hunched-up shoulders).

This next picture is just of the 3 angels, Mike, Tom and Jeff. I'm guessing that this is still on the same day, 'cause we're wearing the same clothes (duh!). I think this was taken in front of this large sliding glass window that led out to a second-story deck.

What's up with the no-smile look? I thought this was from the Happy '60's. Tom must have finally squeezed that one off (notice the relaxed shoulders), and we're all paying for it....


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