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Online Homebrew Shops


Note: Whenever possible, shop at your Local Home Brew Shop (LHBS). These folks will generally have a wealth of knowledge that they are willing to share with their customers. They are great resources when you "hit the wall" with a problem and have no one to turn to for help.

That being said, don't be a sap! There are idiots in every type of business, so don't blindly use the local guys just because they're local. Get educated about this craft, ask questions, then make informed decisions.

If there's a site you think is helpful to the homebrewer, drop me a line and I'll check it out for consideration.

Mike's Picks:

These two businesses are head and shoulders above the rest. They are both staffed by homebrewers, and are very creative in designing tools and providing advice to help make the brewing process a better one.

  1. Beer, Beer and More Beer. In my opinion, the best in the business. Huge inventory. Broad selection. Great knowledge base. Friendly employees. Very innovative products. These guys rock!
  2. Listermann Manufacturing. A real pioneer in the homebrew business. Listermann designs, manufactures and sells a great number of devices used in the homebrew craft which that are sold by virtually all of his competitors (that says a lot).

Others and Specialty Shops:

  1. How To Brew. Far and away the best online source for brewing information. If you're a beginner, you must go to this site. If you're just starting All Grain brewing, you must go to this site. Buy his book, it's a great reference source.
  2. Williams Brewing. Nice selection, very prompt service/delivery, good folks.
  3. RCB - Brewers Discount. When (not if) you get into kegging your brew, these guys have very low prices, great quality and painfully prompt service.
  4. Sabco Industries. These folks recondition the large 15.5 gallon kegs into brew pots. Great variety of options for these conversions.
  5. Promash Software. If you're serious about brewing, you must have this program. Allows you to track you brews, determine final beer characteristics... you gotta have this.
  6. Zymico. Theses folks don't sell directly to the public, they use retailers (a list of whom you can find on their web site). Great "no-weld" products for brewpots and the like.

Homebrewer Sites of Note:

These are very good sites built by homebrewers that generally offer a great deal of good information.

  1. Barley's. When you get ready to build your own brewery, check out this site for zillions (well, over a hundred) home brewery ideas.
  2. Bodensatz Brewing. Wonderful site with great tips and techniques. He's set up a yeast trading database, home brew product reviews and a good deal more.
  3. Mike's Homebrewing Page. Great site for beginners and experienced brewers alike. Helps to simplify the process, and lots of good ideas on equipment and gadgets.


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