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Portable Beer Keg Cooler


You toil long and hard making your homebrew. You've advanced your consumption technique to now include kegging. The only drawback is that you can't take your beer fridge with you on the road.

Not a problem any more!

Construction of this portable keg cooler is simple and effective. The first time I used it was at a 4th of July party - easily 100F for most of the party. The beer ran out before the cooling ice did! In fact, the next morning when were were cleaning up, there was still ice in the cooler.

You need 3 things to make the cooler: One of those big ice tubs used to hold soft drinks that have the two rope handles; an inexpensive trash can; 3-4 cans of expanding insulating foam (the kind used to fill air gap in your window panes).

First, place the trash can in the center of the ice tub. You'll want a trash can that is higher than the ice tub.

Next, shake up one can of the insulating foam, and spray it in the gap between the outside of the trash can and the inside of the ice tub.

Only use one can at a time, and let the foam expand and cure (stiff to the touch) before you spray the next can.

Repeat until the foam comes up to the top of the ice tub.

You can see that after the foam has cured, you are able to remove the trash can to clean if necessary.

To use it, place a keg in the center of the trash can, and fill with ice to about 6 inches of the top. Cover the ice with a layer of aluminum foil. Then cover the foil with crumpled up news paper. This provides great insulation for the top of the ice, and the foil keeps the melting ice from making the newspaper a sloppy mess.

Of course, you'll need a way to push your beer out of your keg (you DON'T want to lug around your CO2 cannister, regulator and hoses). Take a look at this Beer Pusher. Easy to make and relatively inexpensive to use.

Enjoy. JMS


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