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Beer Pusher


Your brew is perfectly conditioned and carbonated. You've made the Portable Keg Cooler. You want to hit the road with your brew. Then it dawns on you that you need a way to get the beer out of the keg. The pressure from the original carbonation will only push out a fraction of the keg.

You need a beer pusher.

A Beer Pusher is a device that uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges, some gas connections and a Gas-In Quick Disconnect to apply enough pressure to push the beer from a full 5-gallon keg. It usually takes 3-5 of the cartridges to empty a full keg.

First, let me say that these are readily available at most Homebrew Stores. They generally run around $20 (generally called a CO2 Injector or something similar). You can make one for around $15. You decide if it's worth the time!

First, you'll need a tire inflator. Not a pump type as this will introduce oxygen into your beer, causing it to spoil more quickly. The inflator is the main body of the Pusher. It is a hollow tube with a trigger and nozzle. You place the 12g CO2 cartridges into the tube, and screw it down. This pierces the top of the cartridge. When you depress the trigger, the CO2 is shot out of the nozzle.

Next, you'll want to purchase a Threaded Gas-In Quick Disconnect (typically called a Flare Fitting). You want a threaded/flare one, not a barbed one. Choose ball lock or pin lock depending upon the type of keg you own.

Now, take both of these pieces to your local home store and explain to the friendly clerk that you need to go from the nozzle to the threaded Quick Disconnect in as few pieces as possible.

On my particular Pusher, the nozzle had a 1/8" ID (yours may vary). All of the Threaded Quick Disconnects have a 1/4" OD.

To use, simply attach to the Gas-In post of the keg, and use a Cobra Head tap on the Beverage-Out post. When the keg starts running slow, give it a shot of gas, and you're back in business.

One caution: Be sure to remove the entire Pusher from the keg when you're going to change CO2 cartridges. Otherwise, when you open up the tube, any pressure that is in the keg will force beer back through the Pusher!

These things are just great for taking to parties, the beach, or where ever you what to take your keg.

Enjoy. JMS.


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